Maria's Inked Place to be Featured in First Festival

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Maria's Inked Place will be debuted in their first tattoo festival in October. This is a Halloween themed festival full of fun and sexy creatures, and costumes, many artists from all over the U.S., and Maria from Maria's Inked Place herself. I got the opportunity to sneak with Maria on the festival coming up and she exclaimed she is, "psyched out of her mind." She explained that Halloween is her favorite holiday and is always her favorite time of year. She feels a Halloween themed event is a great way to bring people together, besides the obvious reason of ink. She hopes to gain a lot of success from the festival.

Maria is arriving at the festival fully loaded with her best artists from her shops around the country, the most popular of her merch items, and of course, her favorite shop girls to show off her ink personally. This festival is going to be huge and full of some great names, so Maria has a lot planned in order to stand out from the rests of the shops involved. Sounds like a party doesn't it? Do not miss out on the fun, buy tickets through our site. Would you like to book an appointment with Maria's booth? Apply through her Twitter link below. Worried about missing Maria or your favorite of her artists? Don't worry, she even plans on attending other festivals based on their possible success at this festival.

Maria even plans to travel to other festivals that are out of state with some of her different artists, so if you're worried about missing her at this one, or this is just too far away see where she is traveling next and which artists she plans to take with her. She dropped some artists names like Johnny Ink, Master Kat Kris, Rex, Isabel Mercedes, Rosie Ink, and even Jonny Rock. We will be seeing all of these artist at this festival and hopefully on the road as well. To make a request for your favorite artist to be featured at her booth she encourages everyone to vote on her site for your favorite artist. She wants to keep her fans as involved as possible.

Maria's Inked Place works diligently to help local animal shelters, and through her efforts she set up "Ink for Shelters" where pet lovers on a special day can get special animal dedicated pieces where part of the cost of the ink will go to a local animal shelter of the client's choice. She even has a raffle set up for the festival in which all proceeds go directly to South Florida Wildlife Center. The winner of the raffle will receive a free 6 inch by 6 inch black and white piece of their choice the day of the festival, by the artist of their choice. She hopes to see your support for the Wildlife Center with even just buying one ticket because who knows, that could be the lucky one. Start purchasing online today!

Please follow their journey though our blog page, social media, and through the festival's page. She will keep everyone updated on the artists that will be featured, available appointments, and the winner of the raffle. Follow Maria's Inked Place on Snapchat for featured pieces at the festival and for a glimpse of what the festival looks like this year. Hope to see you there! For the best updates follow their journey on Twitter: Twitter.


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